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Enhance your agricultural productivity with full cultivation and cropping services

With our extensive knowledge of the farming industry, we provide comprehensive cropping and cultivation solutions to help you navigate through the challenges of each season. As farmers ourselves, we understand the importance of proper cultivation and cropping techniques for optimal yields and successful farming operations.

Our agricultural contractors specialise in a range of services including spray outs and direct drilling/planting. The crops we can drill are chicory, turnips, kale, whole crop, sorghum, millet, and oats. In addition to cropping and cultivation services, we provide professional silage harvesting and on-site machinery repairs.

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Get the most out of your soil with sustainable crop drilling and sowing

  • Eco-friendly direct drilling for successful seasonal cropping
  • Family-run team with decades of agricultural experience
  • Reliable modern machinery for maximum productivity
Waipa Ag Services is based in Pukeatua and services the greater Waikato region

Implementing proven processes for a successful cultivation season

Implementing proven processes for a successful cultivation season

We understand the unique requirements of each season and crop. Some of the things we consider:

  1. Assessing The Conditions - We work closely with you to evaluate paddocks suitable for cropping during the upcoming season. We consider factors such as soil conditions, moisture levels, and rotation requirements to determine the best options for your crops.

  2. Timely Preparation - We focus on precise timing to ensure the spray out is carried out at the right time of the year. This step effectively eliminates existing pasture and weeds, creating a clean seedbed ready for planting.

  3. Optimal Planting Timing -  Our experienced team ensures crops are planted at the ideal time, taking into account temperature, moisture, and other season-specific considerations. This maximises the chances of establishing healthy crops before the demanding summer period.

  4. Calibrated Machinery - We pay meticulous attention to calibrating our planting equipment accurately. This ensures the correct seed rates, distribution, and fertilizer application, which is vital for each crop's growth. 

  5. Attention to Detail - Our experienced team focuses on every aspect of the cultivation process, from soil preparation to planting. 
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Waipa Ag Services

Agricultural Services servicing the Waikato Region      OR 

Specialised machinery for successful sowing and cultivation

At Waipa Ag Services, we utilise a range of modern machinery designed to streamline the cultivation and cropping process. Our dedicated machinery fleet includes the following:
Spray Tractors
We can provide comprehensive spray-out services. They effectively eliminate existing pastures and weeds, preparing the land for the next phase.
Direct Drilling Machines
Our drilling equipment ensures precise seed placement for optimal growth of summer crops. These eco-friendly machines create proper seed-to-soil contact, maximising germination rates and promoting healthy crop development whilst reducing your carbon footprint.
Planting Equipment
With our expertise and specialised planting machinery, we can handle the entire process seamlessly. From the initial spray-out to the final planting, our equipment ensures precise execution and optimal timing to maximise the success of your crops.
Calibration Equipment
We understand the importance of calibration and ensure that the planting equipment is correctly calibrated for each specific crop. This ensures the seed rates are correct for planting.
Fertiliser Application
Our direct drill is capable of accurate fertiliser application, reducing fertiliser costs and increasing yields by up to 50%
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